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How big will this be after I wash it??

Do you ever let your machine knit project rest, then look at it and think, “Oh, no, that can’t be right! It’s too long.” Or too short, wide, narrow. Then you remeasure your original swatch, and everything seems right mathematically, but you’re still looking at that sweater or whatever and shaking your head. Been there, done that!

I have developed a formula to reassure me that my knits are on track. When I look at the back of my granddaughter’s unfinished sweater and I can see it’s clearly too long and narrow, I used to get discouraged. I didn’t want to knit the front, let alone finish it. Not any more! Now all I have to do is fill in the fields, let the formula work, and I’m reassured that my gauge is correct, and it will come out perfect. What a relief!

I have saved it in Quatro Pro and Excel. You can download it here.

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