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Pom-poms Made with Yarn Winder

Pom-poms Made with Yarn Winder
~ Something innovative by Beaded Pony Designs and Ginny Schweiss ~

You will need:
• yarn (skein, cone, or ball)
• 4-foot length of the same yarn, doubled
• ball winder
• several pencils, dowels, or hand-knitting needles as place holders – an even number
• long, sharp scissors for initial cut

Thread yarn on yarn winder according to its instructions. I use a Silver Reed SHW-3, but any ball winder should work.

Each turn of my yarn winder is 3 rotations, so 60 turns equals 180 wraps. Saves a lot of hand wrapping compared to the old “wrap yarn around cardboard” method.

Wrap the number of rotations you want, then cut the yarn. When I slide the yarn off the winder, I slide it straight off onto a bundle of four, fat hand-knitting needles. This keeps the ball open and gives me a way to tie the yarn into two equal halves. Take the doubled piece of yarn, slip it around the yarn ball, keeping half the needles (or dowels, or whatever) on one side, and half on the other. It’s important to tighten it very tightly. When I get it lined up in the middle, I remove a HK ndl from each side, giving me more room to tighten the yarn. Tie it off.

Open scissors and slip into one of the two halves of the pom-pom-to-be. If you can, slide the blade along the HK ndl to guide it. Get it all the way through so you can cut the whole side at once without the center closing up on you. Repeat on other side. Shake pom out. It will appear loose and limp. Don’t worry! As you shape it with scissors (I use the long ones but you might prefer a shorter pair for shaping), the shorter you go, the pom loses its limpness and firms up nicely.

This might take some trial and error to get the size pom you want. I use 70 wraps of Trenzado yarn (fingering weight, lighter than Bernat Baby yarns) to make a pom-pom for a teen/adult stocking hat. Do fewer wraps w/ thicker yarn.

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