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I finally found some yarn

That sounds like a funny title for a knitter, doesn’t it? Or maybe it does to me because I’m a machine knitter. Machine knitters have stashes, so “finding” yarn isn’t all that difficult. Is it because we can get through projects quickly that we’re so afraid of being caught without? Following that same theory doesn’t explain why we have so many machines. Unless you have a motor, you can’t be pushing two carriages at once, much less four, which is what I have in my office-turned-knitting room.

Back to the drawing board–gladly!

Anyhow, I have a photo on my Design page that shows a shawl draped over a red tee. I started that shawl with one large skein of unknown yarn, off-white wrapped with a gold metallic thread, knowing I might not get the size I wanted. That’s exactly what happened. Fortunately when I reached the end of the skein, there was a tag that said Millor Metalico, so I finally knew what it was and could keep a look-out for more. No fiber content listed, though. It knitted up a little smaller than I wanted, and I did my best to extend that with blocking, but a gal can only do so much with what she has. It wasn’t what I had hoped for, but it would certainly do for a trip to Mexico. I beaded the bottom edge for added glitz and tossed it into my bag.

Fast-forward a year and a half. My “saved search” on eBay finally paid off! Someone listed Millor Metalico for sale, and it looked like the right color. But it’s wool and rayon?? I keep pretty good notes, but I honestly can’t find any that say whether I washed it. I’m thinking I did not or it probably would be much smaller. I sure won’t wash it in anything now but cold!

The yarn arrived. It matches!–to my eye, anyway. Now I have to come up with some kind of three-sided border that will deepen and lengthen the shawl while leaving the present beaded edge. I sewed those puppies on to stay! I’m thinking a different pattern entirely, so it looks intentional (which is sort of is), and if there is any color variation, that will looked planned as well. What do they call that? Oh yeah, design element.

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