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Tips for new machine knitters: organization

Organization — it’s neither a bad word nor a big job. Thanks to a friend’s example, I bought some stringed tags at an office supply store, and I attach one to each swatch when finished. Clearly labeled with yarn, knitting machine, tension settings, other pertinent data, and whether it’s been washed and dried. Done one at a time, it’s simple. The first pack of tags I bought, I thought there were so many that I would never use them all. Not only have I used them all, I went online and bought a whole bunch more. I keep all those tagged swatches in a tub in the basement. When I need to check something–like what did punch lace look like when I tried it two years ago–I have only one place to go to to find it. Simple!

I keep knitting tools in large mugs, one for each gauge machine. I have two mid gauge machines, so when I switch from one to the other, I just carry the appropriate mug of tools to the other location.

I also keep “universal” tools in a small, heavy, open, wooden tool box with a handle. By universal tools, I mean ones that can be used on any machine, like triangles, claw weights, ravel cord. I move it to a spot on the floor by whatever machine I’m using.

Keep extra accessories out of the way, but not too far. No need to litter your working space with a dozen ribber weights.

Joining a few knitting groups on yahoo? Make one or more folders for them in your email account. Set up filters so that each group’s mail goes directly to its own folder.

Done with a few knitting groups on yahoo? Stay a member so you have access to their files, but go “no mail.”

Set up a project page on or a blog on where you can post pictures of your finished objects. They are both free sites. It’s a fun reminder to check your accomplishments every once in a while. Fun to see how many things you’ve made–that day will come!

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