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A taller knitting machine stand

km stand

New legs!

I like to knit standing up. I’m constantly moving around, knitting, making notes on my computer because otherwise I WILL forget how I did something when I want to duplicate it, and checking back in files for just that same kind of information as I go. Thus . . .  the new and improved legs on my 560. They remind me of knee socks–LOL. And putting them on would have been just as simple as putting on knee socks if I’d taken the machine off the stand first. But no, that would be too easy. 🙂

I went to the hardware store and bought a length of 1″ PVC in the plumbing section. My husband used one of his tools to cut four eighteen-inch lengths, something called a sawzall. Quite a bit faster than a hacksaw! We smoothed the edges. He drilled holes 7″ and 8″ from the bottom, per my instructions, and I put a bolt in each 7″ hole. And then the sweetie removed the ugly printing along the PVC using nail polish remover! And he held up the machine while I slipped the tubes on.

So here’s how it stands (pun intended): The legs fit down into the PVC very very snugly, so no wiggling. The bolts stop the legs seven inches from the floor, so the machine is taller. I finished off the feet with smooth 1″ caps. I like to slide my machines across the carpet and store them off to the side when not in use, so I have more room.


The hole option at 8″ is in case I want the machine another inch taller.

Update: A few days later, I did almost the same thing to my mid gauge machine. I couldn’t find bolts in the house, so I cut the PVC 18″ as before, then slipped smaller diameter, eight-inch long PVC tubes into the legs to raise the machine eight inches.

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