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Montana bracelet

A little something new–a beaded bracelet! I adopted a young horse this spring, and when people asked,  “What color is he?” I think they had trouble envisioning buckskin, copper, black, […]
Montana bracelet

Tips: Ribber Cast on Combs

The prevailing opinion is that you must never pull the ribber COC wire all the way out when hanging it between beds. I have always followed that advice … until […]

Hats — the new testing ground

Someone asked me recently, why so many hats? Well, hats –and pillows– are a great place to try new things. Techniques. Designs. Stitch patterns. Working through my DAK manual, lesson […]


Just photographed the finished pillows today. Here they are. The first one is for T; hers has a rainbow behind the clouds because I knew she’d like the extra thought. […]

Can a pillow have two fronts?

I’m making pillows for my granddaughters for Christmas–but don’t tell! Kind of a “celebrating 2012” heirloom, and I say heirloom only because I hope to make this a tradition. No […]

I finally found some yarn

That sounds like a funny title for a knitter, doesn’t it? Or maybe it does to me because I’m a machine knitter. Machine knitters have stashes, so “finding” yarn isn’t […]